The Caregivers Ladder Affirmations are as follows:

1.  Admit that our child has a disability, and that we cannot change it. 

2.  We believe that with proper supports from our family and friends, we can remain a family.

3.  Accept that our child is first and foremost a child; they are not defined by their disability.

4.  Develop a list of resources that we feel will meet our child’s needs, and contact one of those resources. Share with others resources that have been beneficial for our child.

5. Accept that at times we need a break. Take time for ourselves by way of prayer, meditation, or hobbies, to renew our ability to care for our child.

6. Seek out and contact other families with children that have disabilities, accept that regardless of the disability we all have something to learn from one another.

7. Understand the stages of grief, and that we grieve for how the disability affects our child. 

8. Create dreams and hopes for our child and when they are lost, develop new dreams and hopes for our child.

9. Work diligently to make sure our child is given every possible opportunity society has to offer. If there are barriers work at tearing them down, or help create opportunities for them.

10. Learn about issues affecting the disability community and practice becoming a “Change Agent”.

11. Accept and understand that a disability is a natural part of the human condition.

12. Use our knowledge to support other families and children as were supported in our journey.

Caregivers Prayer

Heavenly Father we pause to express our gratitude for the sacred and important job given to us as we care for our children with their special needs.

Please grant us the strength and inspiration needed to deal with the education and medical communities.   We also ask for an added measure of patience as we associate with family members and others who lack understanding when dealing with or meeting our beautiful and special children. 

Help us as we work with our children through their illnesses and other challenges they will experience in their lives that we will be able to positively encounter and assist them with these situations as well.  We recognize that our special children have been entrusted to us as their caregivers and are grateful for the trust placed in us by Thee.  We offer this prayer , AMEN   (J.Long)


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