We have decided as an organization to spend 2015 working on strategic planning. The structured meetings for Caregivers Ladder will resume in 2016.

The following groups will continue to have meetings in their local areas, but they will be social meetings. It will give families an opportunity to meet one another, and build an extended support network. 
          Temple/Killeen, TX  
          Waco, TX 
Please go to Facebook and look up the group in your local area. The groups are closed so you will need to ask permission to join. The social meetings will include various activities such as lunch, dinner, coffee, or maybe an activity. 

We want to thank everyone for their support, as we continue to grow.
Facebook Groups:

We have an open group and closed groups on Facebook for families that cannot attend meetings, or do not have a CL group in their local neighborhood. The open group is available to everyone and we post resources and information on a regular basis. The closed groups are for families that wish to talk about the affirmations and share about themselves and their children. There is a closed group with 400 families from around the world, and then we have closed groups for the following cities:

Waco, Texas
Temple, Texas  
Fort Worth, Texas
Killeen, Texas

Omaha, Nebraska 
Tucson, Arizona

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